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Analytical Balance

Hochoice digital electronic balance is an intelligent balance composed of high stability sensors. the model has the functions of peeling weight, auto calibration, counting, fault display, print etc. The balance has the advantages of accurate weighing, fast stability, simple operation, complete function, multiple design for choose, certificate approved, and is suitable for rapidly determining the quality and quantity of objects in industry, agriculture, commerce, school, scientific research and other units.

Retail Weighing Scales

Hochoice Supply platform scales enable weighing and measuring with precision and accuracy. All equipment is quality-certified, competitively priced, and include a one-year warranty.

Body Weight Scale

Hochoice Digital body weight scales with the wide platform and clear LCD screen, no need to worry about the scale's stability or losing your balance. the digital body weight scale is perfect for any active or tranquil lifestyle-it'll accurately help you track your progress regardless. Keep it with you wherever your journey takes you!

Height Body Fat Scale

Everyone is special and has different body composition. Hochoice ultrasonic body fat scale will give you a more accurate reading of your body by informing your BMI, body fat percentage, visceral fat level, body water percentage, skeletal muscle ratio, basal metabolic rate etc. Help you establish body composition entries database for clients, the community, students etc. Monitor the health level and track body composition change trend, make diet and exercise adjustment accordingly and be at the top of fitness.

Baby Scale

Hochoice scales are designed with active infants in mind, equipped with secure baby scale trays and made with new green material. Filtering features and weight lock keys provide accurate, convenient readings for physicians and nurses working with newborns and moving infants. Each Hochoice infant scale is built from high-quality materials that provide stability and support during the weighing process. Hochoice offers a wide range of digital baby scales to suit the needs of all healthcare professionals, including baby scales that are portable and appropriate for use in various conditions.

Kitchen Scale/Luggage Scale

Hochoice digital stainless steel kitchen scale can precisely measure solid food and liquids with unparalleled ease and convenience, allowing you to command complete control over meal portions, seasoning, and nutrition. The digital food scale provides trustworthy, spot-on accurate results in lb/oz, g, ml, and oz. It even features a simple-to-use tare function which allows the user to easily determine the net weight of an item in its container. Designed with user-friendliness in mind take the guessing out of weighing your ingredients-this digital stainless steel kitchen scale features a large back-lit LCD screen which displays results with crystal clarity. You can also convert the weight of your food from multiple units of measurement with the touch of a button for added versatility. And our digital kitchen scale isn't just useful in the kitchen, it's also excellent for weighing mail, light parcels, or jewelry in offices, mailrooms, classrooms and more.